Nano Technology Solution LLC is a research, product development and service company focusing on thin film coatings, supplying the agricultural equipment manufacturing and service market with solid lubricant thin film coatings deposited by mechano-chemical method. The company was founded in 2019 and is a small business looking to enhance the surface properties, through thin film coatings deposited efficiently, with a large societal impact, from agricultural industry to automotive and aerospace, to change the point of view about thin film coatings through innovation and research.

Nano Technology Solutions LLC established in 2019 is a privately owned small business. We deliver thin film coatings for demanding applications where surface properties are critical to the operation. Based in Lancaster P.A. its central to most companies operating on the East Coast of USA. As president Robert B Gal has hands on experience with mechano-chemical deposition of thin film coatings. Deposition happens in atmospheric pressure and room temperature offering dimensional stability to close tolerance tools. In conclusion we achieve superior process stability to high temperature and/or low pressure processes.

Our goal is to bring thin film coating and related benefits to the low tech industry where innovative materials improve overall behavior.

We aspire to delivering thin films formulated for the application of our customer, as a small business we can standardize per customer requirements.

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