Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why use solid lubricant coating?

A: As in its name, the solid lubricant coating is formulated to chemically bond with the tool it’s applied on.

Q: What are the temperature requirements for depositing solid lubricant coatings?

A: Basically any material can be coated as the deposition is happening at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Q: What are the properties of the coatings you deposit?

A: Our coatings can be formulated for different requirements, to have low or reduced coefficient of friction, to be chemically inert and/or reduce corrosion. Any of these can be used as base line or we can formulate a combination of these properties. By changing coating composition we can change structure, properties and behavior.

Q: What is thin film coating?

A: Thin film coatings are custom synthesis of materials deposited on surface of a substrate with thickness range from nano meter to micro meters with controlled composition. Here is a more detailed description